The Anti Ragging Committee for the Academic year 2015-16
Chairperson - Dr. Manohar V R, Professor of Pharmacology
Member & Convener - Dr. Pavithran, Assistant Professor of Physiology
Members - Dr. Kalpana Shridhar, Professor of General Surgery, SWO
    - Dr. Francis N P Monteiro, Professor of Forensic Medicine
    - Dr. Rajesh Rai, Associate Professor of General Medicine
    - Dr. Amritha Bhandary, Professor of OBG
    - Dr. Pradeep Ganiga, Professor of OBG & Chief Warden, AJIMS & RC
    - Dr. M B Prathima, Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Deputy Chief Warden, AJIMS & RC
    - Dr. Sushith, Professor & HOD of Biochemistry
    - Dr. Aravind P, Associate Professor of Pathology
    - Dr. Pradeep Senapathi, Assistant Professor of Community Medicine
    - Dr. Kiran Kumar C, Assistant Professor of Physiology
    - Ms. Shanthala Baliga, Lecturer of Biochemistry
    - Dr. Prashanth K U, Assistant Professor of Anatomy
    - The Police Inspector, Kadri Police Station
    - Mr. Abhilash, PRO - LMET
    - Mr. Dayananda Shetty, Administrative Officer, AJIMS & RC
    - Mr. A Amrith Kini, Advocate, Mangaluru
    - Dr. Prajna K S, III Year PG of Pathology
    - Dr. Pragati Wadkar, III Year PG of Community Medicine
    - Mr. Rahul Shenoy, II Year MBBS, General Secretary Student Council
    - Ms. Bharghavi M D, III Year MBBS
    - Ms. Teena, II MBBS
    - Mr. Gopal Govind Kalluraya P, III Year MBBS
    - Ms. Bhagya Jyothi, II Year MBBS
    - Ms. Kalpa Kushlappa, III Year MBBS
    - Mr. Kamil Ahmed Kasim, 2016 - 17 Batch
    - Ms. Jyothi Kishore, 2016 -17 Batch
    - Mr. Siddharth Shetty, I Year MBBS
    - Ms. Vineetha R I Year MBBS
    - Ms. Sanbel Gloria D'Souza, I Year MBBS
    - Mr. Ramanand Shetty, Parent of I MBBS Student