Research Vision & Objectives

Our vision is to excel in the field of Medical Research by focusing on basic, clinical, biomedical and Public Health Research.

To facilitate synergistic interactions between investigators with diverse backgrounds in basic sciences, clinical practice and Engineering, enabling a multi-disciplinary research environment at our educational campus.


To promote and encourage staffs and students to undertake research in the fields of Basic sciences, Biosciences, Medicine, Allied Sciences, bio-medical engineering and Dental Sciences that will add value to the public health and thereby for the betterment of the institution and community at large

To Provide sophisticated research facility and infrastructure to cater to the needs of the researchers in the institution.

To promote all Research activities only after due clearance from the concerned authorities and Institutional Review Board/ Ethics Committee.

To ensure that all research is conducted with transparency, honesty and without infringement of the basic principles of biomedical ethics (beneficence, non-malfeasance, autonomy and justice).

To give infrastructural and appropriate support to the member of all Institutions for the active conduct of research and to ensure that the Research works are published in peer reviewed journals of high repute.

To encourage and initiate undergraduate and postgraduate students into the area of research by promoting and supporting Research Oriented activities.

To promote research activities to enhance the research output in constituent colleges under Laxmi Memorial Education'Trust'

To Organize workshops, training programmes, conduct courses and programs relevant to research.

To engage in high quality research activities in the interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary areas and to create specialized research units.

Overall integration of Central Diagnostic Laboratory (CDL).

A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre

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