The department of Pathology, at A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre is the fulcrum around which the clinical subjects are placed.
The Pathology department is actively involved in teaching undergraduate and post graduate medical students through its professionally proficient faculty, state of the artcentral diagnostic laboratory and blood bank.
Pathology is one of the three subjects taught during the II professional year of the MBBS course. The speciality 3 year post graduate course culminates in the award of MD Pathology degree.
A qualified pathologist plays a pivotal role in the health care team. They can diversify,specialize or practice as Medical teachers, diagnostician, Hematologists,Cytopathologists,Oncopathologists, Laboratory directors or research professionals among other careers. In addition to diagnostic services, cancer screening is an important role held by the pathologist. Pathology also plays important roles in the field of Genetics,Immunology, Forensic medicine, Reproduction as well as Biomedical Engineering among other fields. There are about 17 pathology subspecialities when choosing a role to specialize in.
The Central Diagnostic Laboratory and Blood Bank, under the department of Pathology at A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences serves as the backbone of the speciality and tertiarycare teaching hospital. The pathology laboratory provides diagnostic services in the fields of Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Cytology, Surgical Pathology and Oncopathology. The Blood Bank is NABH certified and issues blood and blood components for the hospital’s needs.

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