Physiology is the cornerstone to medicine. It is a basic medical science taught to healthcare professional students for acquiring the concept of functioning of cells,organs and organ systems of the human body and their coordination to maintain good health. 
The department of Physiology, AJIMS & RC established in 2002 is well equipped with good infrastructure and highly qualified faculty with wide knowledge and experience catering to quality teaching, training and research for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The faculty have additional qualifications in bioethics, medical ethics, medical education and PhD to promote quality immersive learning experiences. Our emphasis is on implementing the latest educational technology with innovative, digital methods and tools to deliver quality training programs . The department has advanced research laboratories to promote research and inculcate the nature of scientific inquiry amongst the budding healthcare professional students and faculty. The department also promotes collaborative research and has several publications in national and international, high impact factor journals. Furthermore, the department actively
organises conferences, CMEs, workshops, and undergraduate competitions thereby promoting newer and latest concept updates.

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