Cancer is one of the most dangerous and incurable diseases in human science. With the advancement in technology and medical science, doctors are able to cure cancer patients who are diagnosed in the early stages. There are various types of treatment available for curing cancer and radiation therapy is one such treatment. Radiotherapy Course trains students into Radiotherapy technologists.

Duration: 3 years + 1 year internship

The candidates are trained in both theoretical and practical aspects of radiation therapy and management to provide efficient care in the hospital setup.

Candidates are given hands-on training in Radiation therapy, Mould room and simulation procedures in the Radiotherapy department of our institute.

Graduates are eligible for employment in India and overseas where their qualifications, training and experience are highly regarded.

The candidate seeking admission to our college shall have studied English as one of the principal subjects during the tenure of the course and must have passed two years of Pre University or equivalent examinations with physics, maths and biology as main subjects. or

Candidates who have passed Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology awarded by the State Board or an equivalent are also eligible for direct admission to 2nd year under the lateral entry scheme.

Radiotherapy Department of AJ Medical College, Mangalore
Objectives of the Course

Radiotherapy technologists work closely with patients to conduct different procedures to help shrink or remove cancers and tumors from patients. They also work with various medical equipment to deliver treatment options based on the needs of their patients and based on the recommendations of other professionals on their oncology team. In this course, the candidates are trained to:

Observe and practice the basic role of a Radiotherapy technologist in the Radiotherapy department in a therapeutic approach.

Observe and practice delivering complete radiation treatment procedures for cancer patients from the preparation of mould to CT simulation of patients to treatment delivery.

Observe and practice radiation safety protocols and hospital standard of protocols.

Observe and practice radiation safety protocols and hospital standard of protocols.

Learn interpersonal and communication skills that will be helpful in explaining the process to patients and answering any questions.

Use medical imaging equipment to ensure treatments are delivered accurately.

Assess patients’ reactions to treatments, providing advice on the side effects of treatments, and methods of alleviating these.

Monitor the progress of patients and suggest amendments to treatment plans, when necessary.

Provide ongoing support to patients and their families.

Performing quality assurance tests on simulation and treatment machines to ensure they are in working order.

Achieve good technical skills and hand-eye coordination in the overall management of patients and radiation treatment equipment

To empathize with patients while remaining professional.

Program Structure
Program Structure

Year Subjects
I Human Anatomy
Biochemistry I
Pathology I (Clinical Pathology, Haematology & Blood Banking)
Radiotherapy part I A
1. Fundamental Physics
2. Basics of Radiation Physics
Radiotherapy part I B
Section A:
1. Radiation Biology
2. Applied Anatomy & Pathology
3. Pathology of common malignant diseases of individual sites

Section B:
1. Principles of Radiotherapy
1. Mould room
2.Teletherapy & Brachytherapy treatment planning
4. Radiation Safety & Protection
5. Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy
Radiotherapy part II A
1.Radiation Physics
2. External Beam Therapy
3. Brachytherapy
4. Other treatment modalities
5. Localization and Simulation
6. Quality Assurance – Methods
7. Mould room techniques
8. Basic radiologic imaging techniques
Radiotherapy part I B
Section A:
1. Principles and Practice of Radiotherapy
Section B:
1. Psychosocial management
2. Qualitative and Quantitative methods of research
3. Medical, legal and ethical aspects
4. Health and Safety
5. Recent advances in Radiotherapy
1. Cobalt 60 teletheraphy machine
2. Linear Accelerator
3. Simulation and Treatment techniques
4. Brachytherapy
5. Advanced training

Internship Program

Duration – 12 months


1. Handling of Radiotherapy equipment.

2. Treatment delivery to cancer patients.

3. Effective use of treatment record and verification system, maintain log books and registers.

Career Prospects
A candidate who graduates from this course can work as

Radiotherapy technologist in the Radiotherapy department in government and private hospitals, Medical College Hospitals and Integrative Healthcare centers.

Teaching faculty/Tutor in Radiotherapy.

Eligible to opt for Higher studies – MSc in Radiotherapy/ Masters in Hospital Administration.

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