Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology (ATOT) is a 4 years undergraduate course that involves understanding the concept and principles of the physical and chemical agents, surgical and anaesthetic techniques, equipment, and dosage of anaesthetic drug required during surgical operations directed by healthcare physicians.

The course prepares the students for managing the patients in OR's, Post- Operative wards, ICU, HDU, Casualty/ trauma centres etc., The course provides knowledge to students in the maintenance of surgical instruments and their sterilization.

The candidates are trained in both theoretical and practical aspect of operation theatre technology to assist both anaesthesia and surgical team during the operation. This is also improved by hands on training in well advanced simulation centre of our institute during their academic period.

Graduates are eligible for employment overseas where their qualifications, training and experience are highly regarded. With further experience, graduates may be employed by medical equipment manufacturers and development specialists.

The candidate seeking admission in our college shall have studies English as one of the principal subject during the tenure of the course and must have passed Two Year Pre-University or equivalent examination with physics, chemistry and biology as main subjects.
Candidates who have passed Diploma in Operation or Anaesthesia Technology awarded by the State Board or an equivalent, are also eligible for direct admission to II year under lateral entry scheme.

Operation Theatre Complex of AJ Medical College, Mangalore
Objectives Of The Course

To understand the safe anaesthesia techniques for various elective and emergency procedures in and outside the operation theatre.

Obtain knowledge about proper functioning of various anaesthetic equipment’s such as the anaesthesia workstation, monitors, syringe pump, emergency drugs and equipments etc.

To know the basic information regarding the operation of C-Arm machine, laproscopic equipment, surgical intruments, surgical microscope etc.

To obtain knowledge about sterile and aseptic techniques and other medical protocols followed by the hospital.

Program Structure
First Year
Main Subjects Subsidiary Subjects
Human anatomy English
Physiology Kannada
Biochemistry Health care

Second Year
Main Subjects Subsidiary Subjects
Medicine related to operation theatre and anaesthesia technology Sociology
Section A: Applied Pathology Section B: Applied Microbiology Constitution of India
Pharmacology Environmental Science & Health
Introduction to Anaesthesia & Operation theatre technology

Third Year
Main Subjects Subsidiary Subjects
Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology – Clinical Ethics, Database Management
Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology – Applied Research & Biostatistics
Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology – Advanced Computer Application

Detailed Structre can be downloaded by this RGUHS link:
Internship Training

Duration - 1 year

At the end of the course the candidates must be able to handle and check the anaesthesia machine, ventilators, circuit, laryngoscopes, fibro-optic scopes, ultrasound machine and other emergency anaesthesia equipments.

Preparing the OT's for peripheral blocks, General, Epidural or Spinal anaesthesia.

Assisting specialised doctors such as anaesthesiologist, surgeons, cardiothoracic team and other healthcare professionals.

Setting up of Difficult or emergency cart.

Packing surgical sets for concerned surgeries.

Career Prospects

After completion of the course, the candidates can choose to pursue their education or can start working in areas such as Hospitals, Community health centres, medical colleges/ Universities.

They can work as an Anaesthesia Technician, or Surgical Assistant, Lecturer etc.
As the outcome of this course an Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology graduate can accomplish the following roles:

Anaesthesia & OT Technician or Assistant.

CSSD In-charge.

Radiographic or Laparoscopic Technician.

Lecturer, Assistant Professor in Medical Colleges.

Patient care coordinator.

Simulation lab instructor or coordinator.

Higher Studies

MSc in Anaesthesia & OT Technology.

MBA – Healthcare and hospital management.


Diploma- PGDM.

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